Brandon Simpson

Brandon Simpson

Brandon Simpson

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Air Conditioner Installation in Spicewood, TX 75032

“OMG but these guys are THE BEST! I am sooo glad I listened to my "gut" when I met the owner, Brandon, to get our second bid for this huge job ahead of us, for he was honest and direct…exactly what I wanted. Over the course of the time involved, we got to know the guys well, and loved them all!!!! In fact, I think I will MISS them now that they're done! LOL They were SO completely thorough! They always put us first in their priorities in order to do the job RIGHT and literally OVERDELIVERED on their promise! Thank you Michael for overseeing and mentoring your team … in the end, doing a great job to problem-solve what would have otherwise been a very difficult experience! Truly, you are the BEST!”

- Sandy J.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Granite Shoals, TX 78654

“These guys are absolutely amazing!! So time efficient and super knowledgeable! Replaced my entire unit so quickly and had my house nice and toasty by the time they were pulling out of the driveway!”

- Ashley S.

Heat Pump Installation in Granite Shoals, TX 78654

“Brandon Simpson is excellent! Everything went so well! Will refer him to anyone who needs All About Air bids, installation etc.”

- Janis F.

Heat Pump Replacement in Horseshoe Bay, TX 78657

“This is my second major experience on replacement of old AC/Heat Pump units at my home. It was another wonderful experience working with All About Air to help guide me to the right decision on replacing two old 1999 vintage units at my house. We were out of town and All About Air completed the installations within 3 days from the time they issued us the 3 options to consider. They videoed both inside and outside the house as well as provided commentary on our existing systems which was very valuable in our decision making to finally replace the old units. Their advise on what we needed to consider in our final decision was very professional and informative! I have been using All About Air for all my AC and heating maintenance since November 2018 since they did a great job on the replacement of our biggest unit at the house. They are a great company full of nice people that truly work with their customers to meet their needs. Thank you, All About Air! Special thanks to both Brian and Brandon for the honestly and experience!”

- John S.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Marble Falls, TX 78654

“We heard a loud pop in the AC unit. We called Brandon (All About Air) on a Sunday. He came right over. It was a 12 year old system. He worked on the unit for several hours. Long story short it was time to be replaced. The crew came out that week and put in a great system at a very reasonable price. They were done in one day. The new unit feels amazing. Our old AC guy retired last year and we had been worried about finding a new guy we could trust. Well, I am glad to know we found our guy! We highly recommend this company and Brandon.”

- Craig O.

Air Conditioner Repair in Horseshoe Bay, TX 77406-2276

“Professional company, great service, reasonable rates. They are great to work with and go the extra mile to get it right.”

- Jesse P.

Air Conditioner Installation in Kingsland, TX 78639

“You guys are wonderful; thank you so much! I could not be happier with the overall quality of service & professionalism from planning our system to installation and follow up. It is hard to find great service & professionalism but you can tell they take pride in their work and company! All About Air is the go to for anything heat, A/C or air quality related.”

- Jillian H.

Air Conditioner Installation in Marble Falls, TX 78654

“Fast and steady work and they knew what they were doing. I am pleased with the results.”

- Loyd M.

Air Conditioner Installation in Kingsland, TX 78639

“Two other techs worked on this–all were EXCELLENT. We called about 2:00 P.M. The next day about 5:30 P.M. we were enjoying the cool! Inside and outside complete, and they extended the condenser lines, electrical and coolant about twelve feet to reduce unit noise inside the house. OHHHH—- you get the main thing FREE, not the service, but that four letter word—-CARE—-and you can't buy that!”

– Roland M.

Air Duct Replacement in Burnet, TX 78611

“A couple of months into our project home on the Lake, the wife started having respiratory issues as did myself a week or so later. Even though cedar season was just around the corner we both believed that there was something not right with the house. We eventually found the air conditioning system appeared as if it had been run without filtration for some time. The intake duct was layered with dust and dirt from the filter housing all the way up into the air handler in the attic. We made a quick decision that this was not something we wanted to tackle ourselves and enlisted the help of the folks at All About Air. A technician was sent out in a couple of days to do a complete inspection on our A/C system and the duct work. Chris, our technician, verified that both the compressor and air handling units were in good working order and appeared to have recently been cleaned. He then showed us video of the inside of the duct work and as we suspected the duct work was full of what looked like years of dust and grime. Being a circa 1985 home we decided to replace all of the ducting rather than attempt to have it cleaned. So long story short, the guys at AAA designed and installed a system that is not only much more efficient and cost effective than the original … The wife and I no longer have breathing issues in our old/new home !!!
Big Thanks to Brian, Brandon, Amber and all the guys at All About Air !!!”

- Hal A.

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